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“Our hands have the power to convey our intentions

 They can hurt, comfort, destroy or create.
They are extraordinarily powerful yet precise tools.
Only when thought falls silent can I at last engage in the creative process : I decided to leave thought behind, and let my body and my intuition have their say.
Using a range of techniques, I’ve produced multiple series, each birthed out of an encounter or a flash of inspiration.

I tend to find this inspiration in far-flung places, away from civilisation.
Journeys to countries like Armenia, Namibia, and Rwanda whisper hints of what I should be expressing. Back home, memories are woven together as clays and techniques combine, resulting in unique, blended, spontaneous creative output. Colours play an important role – warm, reassuring, each imbued into an infinite variety of textures, materials, and shapes. Learning is a daily experience for me, and I enjoy using a whole palette of techniques. In my desire for freedom, I steadfastly refuse to lock myself into any one style; by shunning dictates, I have at last found a voice. Through my relationship with materials – headlong, forceful, sometimes even brutal – I can engage in self-creation. Objects and shapes emerge from my hands as if of their own accord, at last giving me, someone who’s never satisfied, a source of pride and fulfilment, freed from any sort of constraint and back in touch with the earth – through the very stuff it’s made of.”

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